Online Teaching

I never really considered online teaching until I realized that with 4 kids our doctor bills were getting outrageous. I googled online teaching jobs, and I found VIPKID. That day changed my life.

I found a new love for teaching. Each day I wake up and start my day teaching English to Chinese students. Do I know Chinese? Not a bit. But this company has paved the way for American and Canadian teachers to share English with Chinese students ages 5-12 with a unique online learning platform.

I set my schedule each week and I can work at little or as much as I want. I am pumped for summer, because I can open my schedule fully. The support from the company is amazing and parents truly want their kids to succeed. 

I don't create a single lesson. I don't have meetings. I'm not dealing with unrealistic admin expectations or crazy parent demands. 

I. Teach. 

I get supported. I get praised. I am offered incentives. 


If you are considering a second job or would like to broaden your teaching experience I encourage you to apply with VIPKID. 

I haven't regretted it one bit. The extra income as allowed me to pay of thousands of dollars in doctor bills. Remodel my house. And in a few weeks. I will have a new pool installed. None of that would have been possible without this company. 

With bonuses and incentives you can make $20-$22 per hour doing what you love without leaving your home. 

Trust me. Apply. You won't regret it! 

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