Phonics Lessons on the Go

My transition room has been in a great deal of transition this year. Trying to find a schedule that works for us, curriculum that is on our level, and just getting a flow together has been exhausting! But, it's finally coming together!

As you may know, my district is 1:1 so every student in my room has an iPad mini. With that luxury does come some requirements. We have to use the tech obviously, but we are being asked to use Canvas (a learning platform mostly used at universities) in our classrooms. I could not wrap my head around how to get this to work with my T1 kids, but after much thought I finally developed interactive phonics lessons.

I created these lessons to follow my Saxon Phonics lessons. I will eventually have all the letters of the alphabet. Currently, I am creating on an "as needed" basis so it's random. I kept thinking I'd get ahead over Thanksgiving break but my house was hit with a nasty cold, so that didn't happen!

I was required to teach using Canvas for my long 40 minute observation. I used the following lesson for that observation and my admin loved it!

Phonics Lesson - Letter Z

These lessons are meant to be interactive. My students write in the missing letter, circle, draw lines, and get moving during these lessons. And the best part? They love them! I can keep their attention for the ENTIRE lessons. That's major for my wiggly kiddos.

I hope you find these lessons as useful as I do.


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